RenGen: The Rise of the Renaissance Generation

This book predicted a rising generation of content creators would change the world. Adams Media/Simon & Schuster. Available on Amazon or find the ebook here.

I feel hopeful again about America. Bubbling underneath all of this resistance, is a collective creativity that is about to erupt into a new renaissance and within my own lifetime. Martin not only identifies the conditions that have come together to produce an age of enlightenment, but through careful research explores them, even meeting with the business leaders, artists, scientists, civic planners, and others, who are helping us to evolve in a positive way.” —Amazon review

ChangeThis: The RenGen Manifesto

Chosen as part of Seth Godin’s e-chapbook imprint, ChangeThis. It’s a call-to-create a new story of the future for intelligent optimists.

Available here.

Tipping the Culture

A handy e-book for performing arts groups about how to engage Millennials using social media. Funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation in collaboration with Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago.

Available for free here.

Made Possible By

A step-by-step guidebook for creatives to help them win sponsorships. Jossey-Bass. Available on Amazon.

Courting Millennials with Cultural Capital

A blog series that explored Millennial creatives who were influencers and early adapters and what made them tick. Based on research funded by FINRA Foundation, it earned broad distribution across business bloggers and traditional media.

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Will the Future Like You?

The Power, Pitfalls, and Possibilities of a New Age of Identity

Working with computer scientists in 2019, I harnessed AI (artificial intelligence) to scrape the web and analyze sentiments around identity, self-doubt, and desires of the future self. I also interviewed experts from psychology, anthropology, entertainment, and neuroscience. Criss-crossing the country, I gathered stories of identity lost and found: people who faced their crossroads, built and crashed their dreams, and made peace with self-doubt in an era of hyper-reinvention. Their lessons were fierce and soul stirring. My findings led to a book that’s currently in development.