Research Projects


Research project timeline:


Began researching how history and collective psychology shape our perceptions of our bodies and the way we dress them.


Developed algorithm to gather semantic intelligence and sentiments regarding identity, self-awareness, and choice making. Began interviewing experts.


Began recruiting for a three-year ethnography of online users between the ages of 21-45 to engage them regarding personal milestones.


Studied Millennials’ attitudes and behaviors around personal finance and life after debt. Funded by FINRA Foundation.


Established relevance markers of a rising digital culture: Are we world building or just inventing new platforms?


Studied the rise of new enterprises led by creatives in City of Houston to discern strength of the ecosystem and make future projections around job creation.


Forecasted the future of luxury brands as social performance went digital.


Three-year research effort on conditions that spur a widespread cultural renaissance. Resulted in the book, The RenGen: The Rise of the Renaissance Generation (2008, Simon & Schuster)


Top 10 attributes of work cultures that value employee self-awareness.


National study on corporate CEOs and C-suite executives and their perceived value of arts and cultural experiences.

Insatiably curious, I keep finding cool trends to research.

My research takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of culture, bridging the realms of art, science, metaphysics, and technology. For a decade, I’ve been curious about the forces shaping who we are and who we hope to become.