Patricia Martin is a cultural analyst, consultant, and the author of three books on cultural trends.

As a consultant, Martin has worked on teams at Discovery Communications, Dannon, Microsoft, Ms. Foundation for Women, Oracle, Unisys, The Art Institute of Chicago, and the New York Philharmonic, to name a few. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, USA Today, and Advertising Age. A blogger since 2002, Martin was a regular contributor to Huffington Post during its start-up years. 

In 2017, she harnessed artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover the emotional effects of the internet on self-development. A book on her findings is forthcoming in 2024. She holds a B.A. in English and sociology from Michigan State University, and an M.A. in Irish literature and culture from the University College Dublin, and an M.F.A in non-fiction writing from Bennington College. Her work in Jungian theory and depth psychology began at the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago, where she is a professional affiliate and host of the Institute’s podcast, Jung in the World

Martin speaks worldwide about cultural trends shaping the future and the impact of internet technologies on the collective unconscious. Martin is the proud mother of two adult sons. She resides in Michiana near Lake Michigan with her husband and countless deer. Her private practice is in Chicago.

Recent Articles by Patricia Martin

Fundamentalism’s Dark Side: A Jungian View with George Didier & Vladislav Šolc
Patricia Martin

Fundamentalism’s Dark Side: A Jungian View

Two Jungian analysts discuss fundamentalism, shadow, and a new way forward. George Didier and Vlado Šolc, authors of the book Dark Religion: Fundamentalism from the Perspective of Jungian Psychology, join Patricia Martin for a conversation about the psychology of religion as a destructive force and why it is important to understand the shadow side of fundamentalism.

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