Hoffman Institute Podcast: Resilience, Grace, and These Chaotic Times with Patricia Martin

Hoffman Podcast S8e6: Patricia Martin – Resilience, Grace, and These Chaotic TimesPatricia Martin, a 1998 graduate of the Hoffman Process, has spent 30 years studying people and ideas that change the culture. She is the podcast host of Jung in the World, and is at the forefront of curating ideas of technology, culture, and humanity. Listen in as Patricia and Liz converse about the Hoffman Process, the healing that happens when we bend toward the Light, and how resiliency is the medicine for our chaotic times.

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Patricia Martin

Patricia Martin is a researcher, author, and consultant who has worked widely in fields of technology, telecommunications, arts, and culture. She applies Jungian theory to her work as a cultural analyst and is the host of the popular podcast "Jung in the World".

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