The Inner Prompt: A Writing Workshop

The Inner Prompt: A Writing Workshop - Patricia Martin

How do we change when we write from the intuitive force within us? In this three-hour generative writing workshop, we will use a series of practices and exercises that open the flow of material rooted deeply within, to make associations more spontaneously and tap our innate creativity.

Informed by Carl Jung’s theory of Active Imagination, and his own creative practice, you will be guided to write intuitively, pulling material from a source that is the font of original work. We will write, discuss, and explore a method of working that can become a life-long practice that strengthens our voice on the page because it is uniquely ours. The focus is on process, not product—there is no pressure to share what you write. This workshop is for anyone interested in accessing the unconscious through writing and exploring the spiritual dimensions of creativity.


Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Practice an intuitive approach to writing.
  • Draw from unconscious material as you write.
  • Expand into writing as a spiritual, compassionate practice.
  • Apply Carl Jung’s theory of Active Imagination and use of narrative.

Concepts will be drawn from the following:

  • The Spirit of Man, Art, and Literature by Carl Jung
  • Encounters With the Soul: Active Imagination as Developed by C. G. Jung by Barbara Hanna
  • The Red Book by C. G. Jung


In-Person Only
Patricia Martin, MFA
Friday, May 10 | 1-4pm
53 W Jackson Blvd, Ste 438, Chicago, IL
CEs not Available

Bring a notebook and your favorite writing pen.

$30.00 – $50.00


Patricia Martin

Patricia Martin

Patricia Martin is a researcher, author, and consultant who has worked widely in fields of technology, telecommunications, arts, and culture. She applies Jungian theory to her work as a cultural analyst and is the host of the popular podcast "Jung in the World".

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