Trends to Watch in 2024

To help you look ahead, here’s my brief Trend Report 2024:

  1. Alt-citizenry: Rise of Politically Conservative Intellectuals
  2. Ultimate Luxury: Art
  3. Word of the Year
  4. Strange Signals: Reading crop circles
  5. The Big Story for 2024
  6. Preview of coming attractions

1. Alt-Citizenry: The Rise of Politically Conservative Intellectuals

After 5 years of Trumpmania (exhausting!) with legislators throwing tantrums on the House floor, and fabulists like George Santos flaming out (his comeback is imminent) it’s intriguing to see a new breed of arch conservatives rising. They’re brainy, tech savvy, and busy building next-gen think tanks. Is the old guard aware? Not so much, my sources say. But the PACs know about them and are quietly funding them.

Prediction: By 2025 they’ll be a force in American politics, (they’ll sit out the 2024 shit show).

People trending in politics:


She defies category. Quippy, funny, feminist, and outlandish commentarian, who goes by the handle ShoeOnHead (SOH), has been winning major advertisers for her YouTube videos. Her mainly Millennial audience is loyal and growing. What surprised me is who’s buying into her brand: political campaigns. Fox News and MSNBC took a hit in upfront ad sales, overthrown by pundits like SOH.

Prediction: Political advertisers will use traditional media outlets to reach Boomers only.

Upshot: Expect more age-ism and generational divides in 2024. Millenials will continue to snark that Boomers are out of touch. They’re not entirely wrong, but the reason for the dissonance is important. Both generations are being served entirely different messages.

2. The New Luxury Must-have: ART

Owning art has always signaled status. In 2023, rich celebrities and investors, having exhausted trad investments such as stock, real estate, start-ups, and alt-currencies, have discovered art! Plucky art commentor, Hilde Helphenstein, aka “Jerry Gregosian” spent 2023 sleuthing the art scene for this: The stealth power broker in L.A., NYC, and Paris is Noah Horowitz, CEO Art Basel. He’s turning movie stars into art moguls. Big money, big names, but the art? Well, luxury and taste aren’t always twin flames. 

3. Digital Culture: Word of the Year

This summer, my comrade in the omniverse, Cory Doctorow, coined what I tweeted was the word of the year: enshitification [of the web]. It refers to the platform decay that follows exploitative marketing tactics and leads to the collapse of great content. Bad content means dwindling audiences. It’s an ouroboros moment for the internet when the snake eats its tail. Recently, NPR and NY Times acknowledged Doctorow’s accuracy in sad-but-true coverage.

4. The Big Picture: Humanity

The larger question of what it means to be human continues as a prominent theme in the culture. Fueled by fears about AI and which content can be trusted, humanism will be re-visited and re-defined in 2024. Pull up a chair, it’s a big story.

5. Strange Signals from the Collective: Crop Circles

About a decade ago, I discovered Steve Judd, Britain’s edgiest astro-cartographer. He has a lot of followers. Judd is obsessed with crop circles. Far from a tin-hat nut job; Judd has rigorously collected and analyzed more than 1,000 photos of crop circles. Judd rejects the “built by aliens” theory. Something else is weaving crop circles, thinks Judd. It’s a strange signal emanating from humans.  Read More Here

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