Archetypes, Planets, and Glimpses Into a New World View

We were honored to have the best-selling author Richard Tarnas on the podcast. In this interview with host Patricia Martin, he offers compelling insights into the archetypal dynamics now unfolding in the world, and how these coincide with certain major planetary alignments.
Jung in the World Podcast

Jung in the World Podcast

The idea for the podcast was hatched as collaboration with the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago. We launched in 2020, just as COVID descended. I had just relocated from Chicago to the Michiana woods and leapt at the chance to break new ground. Now in its 3rd season, the Jung in the World podcast has earned more than 1 million downloads. Our mission is to bring the work of Carl Jung into contemporary life. We hope it makes a difference in yours.

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Archetypes, Planets, and Glimpses Into a New World View