Your Life as an Infographic

Photo by jakeprzespo

A few months ago, I was working on the idea of an app that would let people create and track life’s events like a book. Theoretically, it would help people work toward a memoir in tiny increments by capturing the little wonders and moments of their lives.

The first step was to set up a table of contents. But when we tried this in the lab, we found that people really struggled to create the table of contents for their lives. Turns out, people tended to overthink it.

Seems that putting one’s life into words triggers deep reflection. Bad news for an APP. The whole purpose is to lighten one’s load, add humor, whimsy—not invite long bouts of navel gazing.

So I was geeked to come across this life-tracking app by designer Nicholas Felton. It lets you capture the daily tidbits of your life and then turns them into charming little graphics. Just think, a pie chart for your work-outs and a saw tooth for your moods. Love it! Check it out.