Your Kid’s Too Fat: Changing the Culture of Obesity

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is taking the heat for its brazen campaign against childhood obesity. I applaud their approach. In fact, it’s way overdue.

Back in 1997, we spotted evidence that the obesity issue would balloon into an epidemic when we helped a yogurt brand get adopted into school lunchrooms. At the time, carbonated beverages and sugar-laden snacks were the norm.

Our research uncovered a sentimental belief among adults that kids were impervious to obesity. Parents believed their kids were so active, they’d naturally burn off the calories. Turns out the reality was very different. The one-two punch of a refined sugar diet and less outdoor play left an entire generation of kids dangerously obese.

Check out these attack ads running in Georgia to fight obesity. They are stimulating a lot of debate. I’ll be curious to see if they will indeed change the culture of child-rearing around food, snacks and exercise. The fully-integrated ad campaign includes outdoor, digital and television.