Young Men Take Back Male Fashion

The clawback has begun.

A younger generation of males, mostly straight, are taking back masculine fashion. This is not the same sentiment that drove the metrosexual movement, which became code for self-indulgent girlie men. For too long the culture has made men’s fashion and grooming out of bounds for manly men. But entrepreneurs like Kevin Ma are evidence that a better sense of balance is on its way back.

Meet Kevin Ma, founder and editor of Hypebeast, an online magazine that has become a incredibly popular and highly influential. As Fast Company describes it, a feature on Hypebeast, “Can help make or break an underground or indie brand trying to catch the attention of influencers or even savvy mainstream consumers.”

How is it that a website that covers wooly mix of entertainment, fashion, tech and lifestyle can reach around the world from its Hong Kong headquarters and make such an impact?

Part of the answer lies in filling an abandoned niche. The thing about niching online with content is that you must offer 3 things:
-fresh (not previously rehashed from big sites, but hand-curated from other little niche sources)
-real (not too fussy, but not too slack)
-eye candy—lots of lush pictures and videos.

Take, for instance, this video for a Carhartt store opening.

E1 from Carhartt UK on Vimeo.