Yes We Can

As I watch the candidates march toward Super Tuesday, I have remained stalwart in my critique of Obama’s poor use of the web, (his website reads like law professor’s blah-de-dah). That changed as of this morning. A few minutes ago a friend from Tampa emailed me this video link. This is a very RenGen push. What we have here is a group of Americans, mostly artists, mostly Gen Y’s with a few Boomers sprinkled in, who share the conviction that small personal acts–like singing on a video or voting–can make a difference. And its being facilitated by the Internet. A few simple clicks and it’s everywhere. I want to confess something to you. I watched it and wept. Right here at my desk. I had no idea that eight years of an empirical Administration could create such an emotional force within me. I wonder just how many Americans feel this way? Exhausted by the energy required to carry this burden of cynicism, afterall we are a profoundly optimistic nation that has been forced to play a role against our type, are we all waiting to be re-energized by three simple words: yes we can…?