Winning a Sponsorship Deal Often Means Mastering the Cold Call

I recognize that voice telephony seems so last century. But in the world of sponsorship marketing, the cold call still rules. According to IEG, 54% of all sponsorship deals are initiated by people cold calling their prospects.
You are cringing right now, aren’t you? Probably because cold calling is stressful, loaded with frustration, not to mention rejection. Frankly, it’d take a freak of nature to dig the process. I am no such freak. But I have taught myself how to take the chill out of cold calling.

Let’s start with your mind-set. Lighten up. People make cold calling disagreeable when they use the call itself to sell. The reason to cold call is to learn whether it makes sense to communicate further. In my experience a bright and breezy cold call can be pleasant for both parties if you adhere to the following rules:

Cardinal Rules for Taking the Chill Out of Cold Calling

1. Be prepared. The most common mistake is to assume you’ll get voice mail. When you actually connect with a human being, you fumble the call because you’re not ready.
2. Be real. Act as if this is someone you already know so that your voice takes on a more natural quality.
3. Listen. Actively listen and take notes.
4. Keep your energy up. Energy is attractive. Induce it if you have to with chocolate, hot tea, lit candles, whatever works for you.
5. Never push too hard. Speaks for itself.