Wine Producers Drink Up Sponsorship

Wine is truth, the saying goes. Maybe so. What’s definitely true is that wineries are really embracing sponsorship marketing for entertainment properties, especially those that highlight food. Take Constellation Brands, for instance. Based in Victor, New York, Constellation Brands is the leading producer of premium wines in the world. The company manages over 100 wine and beer brands in markets around the world and likes to pair its brands with food-related events. In Europe, for example, it penetrated 73% of the adult population for its Hardys wine with sponsorship of Come Dine With Me, a combination event and television show platform that drove 36% increase in sales this year. Their core consumer groups are “High Potentials” and “Routiners”. It makes me wonder. Can those categories be applied to any business as a way of structuring sales and marketing? Who are your “Routiners versus High Potentials”?