Will Paul Mitchell Inspire the RenGen?

Paul Mitchell and Patron Spirits caught my eye with their online and tv commercial campaign entitled “What Inspires You”. The series of commercials involves contemporary culture-changers Corey Duffel, Takashi Kitamura, and Bboy Junior performing their unique talents and ends with the question, “What inspires you?”

The commercial series also includes a PSA featuring the multi-faceted people involved in some of the many non-profits that Paul Mitchell supports, with the tag “Giving back inspires us. What inspires you?”

What a great campaign, right? It’s got some offbeat star power, it speaks to a young audience who increasingly demand social responsibility from the brands they support, it embraces the culture of creativity, it’s visually stunning and beautifully directed by Steven Lippman…

Then I tried to answer the question they pose…and I realized that there’s no interactivity. Beyond commenting on the videos on YouTube or Vimeo, there’s no way to answer the question as a consumer – at least, not that I can find. The Paul Mitchell website doesn’t even address the campaign – the only mention of it is a tiny item in their news section with a link to the PSA.

I find it mystifying that they’d run this whole campaign based around a question, “What inspires you?” without some way for people to participate. There are people out there who want to make a 30-second Steven-Lippman-style video of their own talent. There are people who would love to write in their story and have Paul Mitchell tweet that their project sounds cool. There are people, like me, who are curious to see what inspirations people share, and find inspiration in the conversation.

Did Paul Mitchell miss an opportunity for consumers to engage with their brand? I’d love to hear another perspective.

–Submitted by Guest Blogger Ellen Willett