Why Leading a Double Life Can Be A Good Thing

Thanks to Beth Kanter’s invitation to guest blog, I’ve been put back in touch with the electricity that sparks when nonprofit passion meets social media connectivity. Change seems scalable. Look at what Colin Beavan has done for green lifestyles. He’s also sold a lot of books. Colin is doubling down—doing good while making a good living.

It’s the dawn of a new year. Who knows what life has in store? I cling to the research that proves people who believe they are lucky tend to live a self-fulfilling prophecy. And I believe that if I set my mind to it, for every good intention I can set for myself, I can also improve something in the larger world. Presto change-o.

For example, I want to brush up my vocabulary in 2011. Can I do that AND change the world? Turns out, yes. Check out Free Rice. This online word game donates free rice to needy families for every right vocabulary answer. No huge deal, right? But when it gets blogged by the ubiquitous Ree Drummond, the homeschooling movement picks it up and usership scales up dramatically.

My personal trainer told me about “doubling down”. But I think he meant reading AND doing the elliptical when I balked about time constraints. (He has me in the gym for 90 minutes a day, yikes!). That’s also on my list for 2011. Be more fit. I’m trying to figure out how to do that and benefit a cause like Girls in the Game. Got any ideas?