Who’s Reading?

Everyone reads, says Seed Magazine. Are we truly entering an age when pretty much everyone can read? God, I want to believe that.

I love books like some people love God. The rising generation does seem far more literate. Other Americans seem to agree.

The reality is more gritty:
Consider that 80% of the prison population in the U.S. is functionally illiterate. American business spends $60 billion training employees, much of it on remedial reading.

But having worked with an education labratory, I learned one simple truth: if everyone could read by 8 years old (2nd grade) it could change the world. Fewer people would be in prison. More people might earn a decent wage.

We have a ways to go to reach that goal.

The digital culture is breeding a confidence about life. Who doesn’t dig that? But is it blinding us to old-school social ills that will cost us dearly later on?

Hat tip Howard Rheingold