When Your Client Wins A Tony

I’m jumping for joy. Last weekend, our client the 5th Avenue Theatre walked home with an arm load of Tony Awards.  Located in Seattle, the 5th Avenue is a trail blazer. It helped launch Hair Spray the musical. This year, it was  “Memphis”, winner for Best Musical.

I watched the Tony Awards last weekend. But I didn’t realize my client was one of the producing theatres in the mob of collaborators that flooded the stage for the Best Musical award. When I got the news from Bernie Griffin (foreground) that they’d won, it reminded me just how talented she is. Bernie’s a force of nature. Among other things, she brokers relationships between sponsors and the 5th Avenue Theatre.

Some people walk into a job, look around, and start doing what they’ve always done. Not Bernie. She’s always pioneering. Who else could convince a corporation to double its investment in theatre by raiding its sacred sports marketing budget? I feel honored to have helped her with her sponsorship strategy.

Bravo 5th Avenue Theatre!