When Waking up is Hard to Do: 3 Tips for Launching Your Dream Project

Dreamers can always conjure brilliant visions for projects that’ll fix things, change things, rock the status quo. But inevitably, dreamers must become doers. And, they must inspire other doers to take action. There’s the rub.

To manifest an important, culture-changing idea it’s essential to get people to go beyond the fascination stage and actually do something. This can be harder than you think.

Someone running for office can enjoy very high poll ratings before election day. But getting people to leave their jobs or homes and vote is tricky. You have to wake people up to the fact that lack of action means they’ll get left behind.

Where do you begin?

Here’s a nice little video featuring Kerri Martin, former Guardian of Brand Soul at Mini Cooper. Her 3 bits of advice will help you transform the idea floating in your head into a living, breathing reality.

Kerri Martin from eatbigfish on Vimeo.

Thanks to our colleagues at Eat Big Fish.