When to Say “Yes”– Becoming a Senior Research Fellow

Taking the next step in life is not always obvious. Things can get cloudy before they get clear. Take this past winter—it was a muddle of unmet aspirations. I had a number of irons in the fire waiting to catch fire.

I’m happy to say that my work with the Institute of Cultural Affairs International has caught fire. Last month, they officially invited me to become a senior fellow.

ICA is a worldwide network, with a presence in over 20 countries. It has a proven process for collaborative problem solving for high stakes issues—water rights, medical systems, anti-violence and smoking cessation. Their unique process sets the stage for cultural change.

Adding the fellowship to my consulting and writing work will make for a busy life. So why’d I say, “Yes?”

I looked at it this way:

As a senior fellow, I’ll be collaborating with a new generation of researchers on novel ways to measure social impact. This work gets me out of my head and into the field. It also complements my recent work on marketing and culture.

The alchemy feels right.

I’m going with, “Yes!”