What’s On Your Summer Wish List?

From Sunset Magazine
Holy cow! It’s suddenly hot in Chicago. The arrival of warmer temps has me wondering how to get a little shade for my patio. I love the idea of a shade sail. But it turns out they require some hunting down. I found these from Coolaroo and a huge variety over at Shade Sails. DIY installation tips and custom shades can be had at Custom Shade Sails. And thanks to the wonders of the friendly Web, I found a fabulous DIY photo series that explains how to install one from start to finish by Flickr member splatgirl.
Life is short. Summer is even shorter. I know it’s the busy season for most marketers as we plan new campaigns and measure results from previous ones. But we’re only human. The nice weather invites us to take a few minutes and get outdoors. 

Revel in the wonder of it all. Plant something edible, and join the millions of American consumers doing the same. The rise of guerilla gardening led by pioneers such as Ron Finley reveals a return to self-reliance that is a growing meme in U.S. consumer culture. Maybe I ought to sew my own shade sail, I think. After all, bloggers like Posie and Cinnamon make DIY sewing projects look so dreamy. Snap out of it… I tell myself… I have no time to sew.

Let me ask: Do any readers out there own a shade sail? Was it difficult to mount? How does it do in high winds?