What’s a Good Camera? Meet Chicago Camera

For months, I searched for a good blogger’s camera. I bought a used Canon Rebel on eBay, and it arrived broken. Ugh! The return process was contentious and I wondered why so many people hassle with eBay. It was an empty experience.

Then I walked into Central Camera nestled beneath the EL tracks on Chicago’s gritty Wabash Avenue. There I encountered uber Camera Man. He advised me sincerely, squaring me in the eye and I walked out with a Nikon D700 feeling ready to tell my story in photos (more to follow soon).

To experience thoughtful, earnest good service of old-school retail put me back in touch with the value of boutique transactions. It’s life-enhancing to be served in such a personal way. I emerged from the shop feeling confident with my purchase, a feeling Barry Schwartz would consider remarkable in a time of too much choice.
Authentic, educational and compassionate service are all attributes of a RenGen brand experience. I guess that’s why Central Camera, founded in 1899, is still in business. As we face the quake of Wall St., it will be the simple, hardworking American businesses like Central Camera that will keep the wheels of our economy turning. And they will also have to pick up the tab for the less genuine businesses that marked the last eight years, which are now belly up.