What We Are Noticing Now

Web-based social activism is leveling up. 
Shortly after the controversial ruling in the George Zimmerman trial, unhappy citizens took to Twitter to vent. But when one of the jurors announced that she had a book deal, they took to Twitter to act. The deal was squashed almost immediately. 

Evolution of Twitter, via @stevenjlovelace

What it Means:
Content community is evolving from simple organisms to a complex society with a conscience. It’s an evolutionary step—the web is having its consciousness raised.  

Why it Matters:
As marketers, we must engage online in ways that are sympathetic to the nuances of a complex society. It’s about communicating to humans by humans. While many web tools add to chaos, user-generated aggregators like Storify help make sense of the noise. Their post about Juror B37 went viral by allowing the leader of the Twitter campaign a broader format for telling her story. Not only does it tell the story, it’s a blueprint for taking action.

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