What Moving Taught Me About Life

I moved over the holidays. You may question my sanity–I did. Especially when I gaze at the giant gash on my upper lip. The hatch-back on my car slammed my head down, forcing my face into a razor-edged box lid. For a minute there, I was a bloody mess.

The bright side? I’m closer to the city by 15 minutes. I pass Frank Lloyd Wright buildings every morning on my daily walks. And lots of writers live in my neighborhood. Here’s what my move taught me:

1. Technology has made me a little crazy. AT&T is a dinosaur worthy of extinction. After many repair calls and complaints, I can still hear right-wing radio in the background of my phone calls. My Internet has failed numerous times. Yet technology, especially social media, nips at my heels urging me to stay connected or die the shameful death of irrelevance.

2. I own too much stuff. I tossed, gave away, recycled and took stock of my life through the handling of possessions. Purging is good. My life is many pounds lighter now. And just in time to start a new year.

3. Home is where the heart is. I like it here. My kids love it here. I miss the old place with its 6 ft. windows and oak staircase. But so what? If the people I love are happy, I’m happy.

The Hartman Group has a pithy report about the ideas and trends they think will stick in 2010 and beyond. Guess what? Social media isn’t one of them. Frugality isn’t either.

During the move, I tweeted less and neglected this blog, sorry. And after taking stock in 2009, I made a vow to buy less in 2010. So, I guess half of my equation matches the Hartman Group’s formula. The question on my mind is this: how do those of us who use social media for business stay connected without losing our connection to the “real” things?

Now to tackle those last few boxes…

Thanks to Robert S. Donovan for the photo.