What Love Taught Me about Time Management

It’s high time I faced a few facts. First of all, I’ve never been good at time management. My goal in 2013 was to get a handle on how I use my time. I pretty much failed at it. Next fact: I’m in love. 

I’ve spent the last few months feeling the funny, wistful, and unsettling things that are rooted in the science and romance of being in love. It took me suddenly, with little warning. Following a soul-wrenching divorce and a long emotional hiatus where I lived like a nun, and thought like one, too I might add–I finally met an extraordinary man. And yes, I met him online. 
After hacking an online dating site, my popularity swiftly grew. I spent the summer dating like a college girl–throwing on a sundress and going out every other night. I kissed a parade of frogs. I shudder to recall it.
Results of online dating campaign:
3 men over 50 had no idea how to kiss 
1 stalker was removed from my front lawn by the police
1 sado-masochist asked if he could spank me on the first date–um, NO! 
5 wife haters
2 college drop outs
1 guy 15 years my junior
I was ready to pack it in. The day of my very last date, I resolved to give up dating entirely and get a dog instead. In fact, I chose the meet-up spot to be near the dog shelter, figuring I’d get it over with and go find a puppy to love.
Alas, I walked into the Starbucks and there he was. Charming, handsome, fit and remarkably at ease. 
Weeks later, I found myself feeling cautiously optimistic. This might work, I told myself. He’s smart and kind and a great kisser, not to mention that he makes me laugh from my belly. Last week, I held my breath as I changed my Facebook status to “in a relationship.” 
I rarely blog about personal news. But every now and then, there is a bigger lesson from life that I feel you might benefit from. And here it is:
Love can make us efficient. 
Not perfect, but efficient. This week, I found myself working differently, with more urgency. These days I need to squeeze in more time for my personal life. I made more realistic (shorter) to-do lists. I confess that I cut a few corners. I put off a few things that I felt could wait. And while I regret any small errors or oversights that resulted, overall, I hit all my top priorities. I see now that a great deal of my work life has been stretched out across weekends and holidays unnecessarily. Work took the place of life. 
Love reconnected me to the bounty of life. Lately, I’m in awe at our mysterious humanity: a mixture of death, hope, computers, passion, biology, and desire that exposes radiant new facets of our existence.
So, forgive the less frequent posts. Forgive the grammatical flubs. Or maybe I just need to forgive myself. In 2014, I hope to get the hang of a more balanced life. Wish me luck.