Washinton Post Seeks Sponsors for its Reporters

For a tidy sum of $25,000, corporate sponsors were invited to meet privately with Washington Post reporters last week. As part of a Congressional confab including lawmakers and Obama administration officials. The meetings were to be held over dinner in the “relaxed setting” of Post publisher Katharine Weymouth’s Washington home.

The Post sent out a flier, which was exposed by Politico.com, to a health care lobbyist inviting him to an exclusive “salon” July 21 at Weymouth’s house. The asking price from a corporate sponsor for a single gathering is $25,000 (the newspaper hoped to have two sponsors each session) with “annual series sponsorship of 11 Salons offered at $250,000.”

The invitation read: “Bring your organization’s CEO or executive director literally to the table. Interact with key Obama Administration and Congressional leaders.”

Traditional media has always been active in offering event sponsorships. But the line being crossed here is the involvement with the journalistic product. No one needs more evidence that the newspaper business is crashing down. It’s stunning to witness the ethics go with it.

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