Waiter, There’s a Gun at My Table!

Imagine you are at a business lunch, and in between bites your guest lets you know she’s joined the NRA. Okay, not your thing, but you keep enjoying your tuna tartare. There’s more. Next, she tells you she just acquired a license to carry a concealed weapon. You set down your fork. Wait, she tells you, it gets better. Leaning into you with sotto voce she lets you in on her little secret. At this very moment she has a pistol in her purse.

What do you do? I mean, what’s the proper business etiquette in this situation?

This is the situation I found myself in recently.

Admittedly, I am a non-violent paranoid when it comes to bearing arms. Translation: guns scare me. And in social settings, well consider what it did for Dick Cheney. The difference is that Cheney and his guest were consensual. And they were toting weapons to shoot skeet, so at least there was the veil of sport involved

Do we have the right to know, and if so excuse ourselves from a situation involving a concealed weapon? Or do I protest too much?

By the way, the tuna sat poorly all day.