Unplugged Video Goes Viral: Does it Signal Behavior Change?

It seems our love for people is feeble compared to our love of devices. Then I noticed that the video “I Forgot My Phone” hit nearly 25 million views last week. Yowzer! 

That means the content hit a nerve and was clever enough to share. But will it translate into behavior change? Yes and no.  

We took the question of device ettiquette to our Future Group panel of Millennials. Their responses were mixed, but the central theme was this: Groups and individuals are setting social standards for what’s acceptable for device use in live situations. And it differs group by group.

The big aha! was that the members of the panel who are most influential (based on their social media behaviors–Klout scores and sticky Tumblr content) are the ones calling the shots in live situations, too. They set the tone at the table. They unplug first and ask others to do the same in a playful way.

Prediction: a new set of device norms are on the way. But it’s happening in intimate situations. Still, 24 million views for this video is a milestone. It signals that our love affair with devices may be going the way of all steamy passions…they moderate, eventually.