Trending: Millennials Still A Moving Target

The behaviors and preferences of Millennials fascinate us because they are the future. Lately, we’re paying close attention to what they adopt and shed to see more enduring trends to separate fad from frontier.

Millennials appear to shed a channel or platform that becomes too intrusive, too commercial or just too clumsy to use. Ease and freedom rule. Branded environments need to offer special incentives or utility. Facebook is losing Millennials. Twitter is keeping them.   AirBnB and Cowbird are growing them. Vine micro-videos get shared by GenY, but not produced nearly as often.

This snappy info graphic from last year is like a “Where’s Waldo?” of the Millennial adoption curve. See if you can spot what’s still trending and what’s been shed.

OMG: Getting Inside the Millennial Mind

by threestepsahead.
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