Trend: Online Therapy Grows

Wigged out? Need someone to talk to…NOW? Online therapy may be for you. It’s helping hundreds of people get the support they need to get through life’s high-anxiety moments using Skype.

The New York Times reports that encrypted digital software used by third-party sites like, have made online private practice accessible for many more patients to get therapy on the fly.

Expect this trend to grow. Especially considering that a younger generation of tech-savvy patients are coming up through the ranks. One online therapy site,, said it has signed up 900 psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and coaches in just two years, according the NYT.

Digital culture is noisy. Millions of voices call out for our attention. The real impetus driving this trend is the simple fact that everyone’s talking—few are listening.

With listening at a premium, people are willing pay to have access to good listeners. This is just the beginning.

Think about this: we could see “retail therapy” utterly redefined. People may shop just to be listened to. Customer service could start to look more like counseling.

Think about your own marketing. Everyone’s clamoring to nail the right messaging.

Here’s my question: Are you listening?