Toyota Sponsors High School Marketing Competition

Toyota’s Scion division has just launched a very RenGen campaign by offering a blank canvas to high-school marketing teams in rural Midwest and Northwest regions. The effort, “High School Marketing Competition,” has high school students from eight cities vying for $5,000 worth of school supplies by putting together a marketing campaign. Competing teams have to create proposals outlining ideas they think will appeal to young customers in their local areas.

According to Marketing Daily, the competition will be carried out in a bracket-style format with both Scion and marketing executives judging each presentation. Eight schools will be selected from the initial submissions pool in each region to move on to local competitions in Portland, Ore., Kansas City, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Out of those 24 schools, the top three in each region will be chosen to advance to the final competitions in each market with the top three schools in each market competing against each other for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

Owen Peacock, Scion’s national manager of Scion field operations, says the company created the competition to give high school students the experience of putting together a marketing campaign for a major brand. “It shows our dealers in the smaller markets that this is a great opportunity to be a part of the community and enhance local education systems, plus it demonstrates that you do not need to have a nightclub or a major attraction in your market to connect with young buyers,” he says.