Torture Couture That Hurts So Good

Right on time, fashion is trending uber-extreme. Torturous in fact. John Galliano’s Men’s collection 08 is a stunning example. It’s part of what occurs when the tastes of the masses grow more inclined toward good design. It forces the avant-garde to seek the extremes. RenGen culture scouts Mary Kay Baumann and Will Hopkins spotted this trend in 2005 and talked about it in their legendary “Visual Trends” class they teach at Stanford. They believe that visual appetites are forking off in two directions: authentic and extreme.

As Kevin Kelly explained, we are moving from “mass to mess” as the information age matures. Part of the reorganization of mass culture will push toward the extremes. Now, more than ever, fashion designers must live on the bleeding edge to get the attention they need to sell high-end apparel. And let’s face it, men’s wear has overstayed it’s time in the land of the vanilla Brooks Brothers.

photos courtesy of Image Monkey