Top 5 Ways to Stay Relevant in a Hi-Def World

Yesterday, I dropped into OMMA Global for a few sessions during ADWEEK. I was lucky enough to catch the closing keynote given by David Kenny, President of Akamai Technologies and former ad man at Digitas.

Kenny forecasts a world lived in hi-def super-surround. Screens will be everywhere, filling our dwell time. He offered these tips for staying relevant for anxious marketing folks worried they’ll never keep up with the speed of change:
1. Stories still rule. Creative economy = good stories. No algorithm can replace the power of a good story. Human beings love story, pure and simple. Take heart young poets.
2. People will program their own experience. Media planners will become publishers (curating content).
3. ROT will be the new measure—Return on Time. Invest your time wisely—11 seconds per transaction (or less) is the current global gold standard.
4. Make yourself sticky with technology skills and sense of scale (his term for AMBITION, I think) are the new clout. These will make you sticky.
5. Use humans wisely. Anything that can be done by a server can be and should be. Clouds are better managed by servers than humans. Strive to write and curate the stories. The rest can be managed by servers that work 24/7 and never complain.

His kicker: Without technology at the center of a service business it will be hard to be competitive given the rate of change. Why? It’s just not scalable.