Three Key Insights on Ways Cloud Computing is Changing Marketing

I was lucky enough to catch the closing keynote given by David Kenny, President of Akamai Technologies and former ad man at Digitas.

He gave a fast-paced review of how cloud computing will make marketers more like storm chasers. “The speed of change is only going to quicken, not 10 times or 20 times, but more like 300 times with cloud computing.” More shareables from David:

Speed. You can download the entire Library of Congress in 45 seconds.
By next year it will be 30 seconds. As he explains it, saving someone 10 seconds per transaction has market value.

Motion. In 10 years everything is going to be portable—tv and life will merge online. Video format will be THE platform. Getting it right in video formats is key. Currently there are 700 million Internet video watchers and they watch on average 10 minutes a day.

Picture screens. Expect more screens. Life is a high definition experience with a 500-fold increase in the need for servers in the last year. Hi-def is going into lots more locations where people dwell—screens will be in oil change shops, hair salons, and cafés.

Kenny is staggered by how much consumption of information goes up every week. While he believes there is enough economics into it to keep going for a while, there is no doubt that the Internet is replacing TV.

His advice to people in advertising and marketing: “If you want to be here 10 years from now, set a goal to move swiftly. Have a healthy respect for speed.”