This Blog is an SOB

Thank God it’s Sunday. What a week! I heard that sentiment echoed down the line as women soaked their feet at the nail salon on Friday. “Boy, my week was awful,” said the woman next to me, “How was yours?” Same, I said. Because it’s sandal season, a regretably brief season in the Midwest, women like me who might not ordinarily indulge a weekly ritual at the nail salon, do so now.

But there was a bright spot. No, a klieg light beaming 10,000 watts in the direction of this blog. Liz Strauss, tapped us for her coveted SOB–Successful and Outstanding Blog designation. We are thrilled. Elated. And above all honored to have earned her respect.

Something I learned from doing media sponsorships with Hearst, owners of Good Housekeeping Magazine, is that the only people who question the value of the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, are the ones who never earn one. I really get that now.