The Zombie Apocalypse Starts Now

Just in time for Halloween, Culture Scout Mark Hayward and his Los Angeles-based company, Idea Monkey, announced its first location-based mobile gaming experience: Living Dead Uprising using SCVNGR.

Pop culture loves zombies. Consider that the cult classic Night of the Living Dead caused a sensation when it premiered forty- three years ago. The coming zombie apocalypse has become a fun part of contemporary culture with books like The Zombie Survival Guide and even this site from the CDC. Living Dead Uprising resurrects the classic film by engaging a modern audience in an interactive game that is part scavenger hunt, part trivia game and part physical challenge, all driven by updated clips from the original film optimized for the smartphone format.

In Living Dead Uprising, players assume the role of zombies taking over the neighborhood. Players are encouraged to check-in via a mobile phone application to a series of locations in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Each location offers a unique challenge to be solved by the players. Players earn badges and points for completing challenges which can be redeemed for prizes at a private after-party hosted at 1739 Public House. The game can be played Thursday, October 20, 2011 and Thursday, October 27, 2011 from 6pm to 11pm and tickets can be purchased at

The blending of reality and fantasy is perfect for Halloween season. “Our participants are both players in a game and players in a play,” said Idea Monkey CEO Mark Hayward. “They are entertained not just by watching, but by taking part in a story unfolding in shared time and space.” 

Keep an eyeball out for more opportunities to live out fantasy lives in real time as mobile gaming gets hotter.