The Privacy Wars

I was looking up an old friend. She moved to Alaska to do some writing, then back to her home State of Wisconsin to care for her father. We lost touch. I “googled” her and to my horror found this link at Huffington Post

Apparantley, Huff Po considers it some sort of service to the democracy to infringe on a campaign donors’ privacy so that other people might learn how much they donated and where they live. I just wanted to find my friend, not rummage through her check book!

The New York Times reports that on Aug. 1, four top members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce sent letters ordering 33 cable and Internet companies, including Google, Microsoft, Comcast and Cox Communications, to give details about their privacy standards. That followed House and Senate hearings last month about privacy and behavioral targeting, in which advertisers show ads to consumers based on their travels around the Web.

Privacy is no longer being debated, its getting ready for reform.