The Power of Now vs Predictions 2010

As the leaves turn scarlet and I unpack woolens, I’m thinking 2009 is nearly over. Soon, it’ll be time for the annual cavalcade of 2010 predictions.

If I was reconsidering doing predictions at all, Steven Heller’s hilarious website “The Nose” sealed my decision. He lets the helium out of the practice with clever art by Seymour Chwast.

I confess it. I’ve succumbed to the ego-driven practice myself. As have other bloggers, some of them bang on or at least amusing. In 2009, Kreskin got specific, John Batelle proved insightful regarding the arc of social media and Faith Popcorn phoned it in.

I’m researching my next book. I’ve discovered the long lost pleasures of a personal life. And I have exciting client projects. Here’s to the present.