The Most Viral Video of the Week Has Women Roaring

I was sitting at my desk when AdAge’s Weekly Viral Video Chart popped into my inbox. After a long day, I launched it and laughed. Replayed it, and laughed harder. That’s my test. If it can elicit laughs in multiple replays, it’s a winner.

It’s Monday. Need a little boost? Then unleash “Double Impact,” the hilarious :30 video spot that earned over a million views last week, debuting at No. 5 on AdAge’s most viral list.

Watch as a dowdy woman’s grocery-store fantasy about clean pipes takes her away to a land where buff plumbers arrive at her home to tend to her clogged sink, plying her with soft-core innuendos such as, “I’m here to snake your drain.” And the Barry White-like narrator puts the cherry on top of a perfect spot.