The Joy of Facebook Marketing Done Well

Most brands use Facebook like another brochure, failing to capitalize power to get people to jump in with their own content. But this campaign from a European orange juice company is one of the most clever uses of Facebook I’ve seen. It encourages the idea that a smile has power—the power to squeeze orange juice that is. The more users smile, the more juice gets squeezed in real life.

The cause-marketing overlay is a little weird. The company allows users to choose a charity to receive the juice. Well, logistically, that’s a burden for many non-profits. The numbers speak for themselves: the FB page got 30,000 new likes, over 20,000 photos uploaded and 40,000 fresh oranges were squeezed.

There was also a level of personalization. The user’s name was printed on the machine digitally as they used the app and watched the video. Terrific recipe for social engagement. Breaking it down, the campaign ingredients combined to make users feel good–smile–get some immediate gratification by watching their participation make something happen (product being freshly squeezed) and sharing photos of themselves and recruiting friends for the same.

Hat tip SimplyZesty