The Experimental Life

Marci Alboher writes about work life. Her book, One Person, Multiple Careers, is about the many hats we all wear to fashion together a career. She’s knows what she’s talking about, having studied to be a lawyer and then shifting gears to become a journalist and author. Can you imagine explaining that to your parents? Telling them, Hey look, I know we all invested a lot in my being a lawyer, but I’m moving to Manhattan to be a writer.

I first met Marci at the New York Times headquarters. She was warm and bright. I’ve continued to follow her work and her transitions. Having written and blogged for the NY Times, Marci didn’t survive the last round of lay-offs. Still, she keeps putting out really useful tweets and blog posts for people swirling in the career tsunami of this economy.

Marci’s message, as she writes it and lives it, is that we won’t manage one career. We’ll juggle several simultaneously. This presents a plethora of opportunities, not to mention challenges, as we morph our lives to meet the demands of a surprise-a-minute economy. With that in mind, one’s attitude becomes critical. Best to see it all as an experiment rather than vertical climb to the top.

Like many of us, Marci is living an experimental life. It’s what the times demand as we simultaneously shed one culture and build a new one. It requires that a person be fluid. Try new things. Adapt. So, it was a pleasure to see she’d found a loving lab partner with whom she can share her experimental life. A few weeks ago, Marci got married. And from the sound of things, they are ace-ing chemistry!

My very best wishes.