The Blank Canvas and London’s Green Olympic Plan

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson understands the power of the blank canvas. People feel the urge to fill them. Make their mark. Leave some small, sustainable legacy behind. He recently unveiled plans for empty spaces in the city to be transformed into vegetable gardens.

To promote local food production and the protect the environment, Johnson aims to have 2,012 green plots in the city by 2012 in time for the athletes of the 2012 Olympics. Chair of London Food, Rosie Boycott, launched the ‘Capital Growth’ project at a vegetable and herb garden maintained by a charity for disabled people in Battersea Park. ‘London has a good deal of green spaces—some derelict or underused—but they are not being used as well as they could be. We also have a veritable host of enthusiastic gardeners who are well equipped to turning derelict or underused spaces into thriving oases offering healthy food and a fantastic focus for the community.’ Boycott said.

The RenGen want to change the world and believe small, personal acts have collective impact. Not to mention that raising fresh, local edibles in tough economic times fuses pragmatism with altruism.

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