The Apple Flap

I don’t worry that Apple has gone rotten. I don’t think Steve Jobs has gone mad. I do wonder if Apple has taken a very strange gamble by reducing the cost of their iPhone by $200 bucks so close to its release. Naturally, early adopters are outraged.

The web sizzles with bloggers pledging mutiny from the good ship hip. After all, that’s what Apple always got right—the passion of consumers driven to differentiate themselves as non-conforming creatives—the ultimate hispters.

As I sat in my car listening to the radio banter about Apple’s daring move to cut the iPhone’s price, I watched the wooden gate the end of my driveway bang against the frame—my daughter must have left it open. The old hardware on the gate wore out long ago. I keep meaning to fix it. We use a bungie cord we jokingly call “the software” to fasten it.

If technology is a tool, Apple made it an idea. For that, they charge a premium. Now, they are testing new ground. Either they are cashing in on the broader audience of consumers wanting to join the ranks of the creatives—people who rebel against PC dronyism…or they are attempting something else. Perhaps the company is testing to see what the Applytes will give them permission to do. How far can Apple go jiggering with their recipe of sleek design and free-range interface targeted to discerning users. Can they go mass market with the iPhone, which demands a lower price point? I plan to stay tuned rather than assume Apple rotten to the core.