The Alchemy of Amsterdam

Photo by Willy_G91

Amsterdam rocks! I’m here speaking at an international conference of cutting-edge librarians. I’ll be talking about what the RenGen–renaissance generation–wants from libraries. It’s a thread I’ve been following for a few years that looks at what the future will “like” and what it won’t.

As the culture sheds the institutions that no longer give life meaning, people inside those institutions are left scrambling for relevance. They fall into a few categories. Some want to find a new path, pronto. They become planning machines. They are ones with their whiteboards. Others want to hang onto whatever sliver of the dying reality they can clutch. They tend to be older and nearing retirement.

Then there are the makers. They want to experiment and take things on. They want change like a drowning man wants air. But not for change’s sake. They are filling an urge to create, manifest, and make one’s mark for the better.

Everywhere I turn, I encounter some aspect of tradition and rebirth here. Amsterdam’s alchemy feels like a RenGen city.

Shoot me your Amsterdam favs if you have them. I’m game for anything, well…it’s Amsterdam, so almost anything.