The 21st Century Business Culture Needs a New Work Ethic

Making the intangible tangible is like pulling off a magic trick. People working on an innovative concept often struggle to explain the benefits of their idea in concrete terms. More vexing is hiring and training someone to work in a highly innovative way when they have come from a more structured work culture. Chances are, they’ll either rise to the occasion, or continue to ask questions that’ll eat up valuable time and will swiftly burn through the goodwill of co-workers. This is poison for highly creative and collaborative working environments.

So, how do we set the bar for the innovative work ethic?  By sitting down and articulating the values (intangible) and concomitant actions (tangible) that we expect to see, that’s how. Netflix does an amazing job of articulating their values and making them concrete and actionable. In a hurry, zoom to slide 10…

I continue to hear from clients that they are shunting people off of projects who can’t dive in and produce. The 21st century needs a new work ethic. One that’s committed to highly creative, collaborative cultures that accomplish, “amazing amounts of work despite ambiguity.” (Slide 11, I think.)