SXSW Diary: My Facebook Folly-When Reality Undoes Strategy

Photo by salisasaki

I’m in a hotel room hanging out with my son who has flown here to Austin to work for RVIP Lounge and Idea Monkey during SXSW. He researches and writes custom social media content. We start talking about my social media strategy. I tell him I use Facebook primarily for my personal life. We toggle over to my Facebook account. He gasps. Mom, he says, why haven’t you responded to 35 “friend” requests?

Oh, my. How do I explain myself? I lost track of Facebook friends and family because…oh, God…because it was not part of my strategy. How ridiculous! We both roll around laughing.

“Mom, he bellows, you NEED to friend these people. It’s not a business strategy. It a reality strategy. People need friends!”

I take his point. Furious friending and deep mea culpa ensue.