Sweethearts: Is it Candy or Cultural Icon?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Ask anyone about their favorite memories of Valentine’s Day and Sweethearts candy hearts will likely come to mind.This week, Sweethearts Candy broke the news that they’ve buddied with Twitter to create this year’s candy message: “Tweet me.”

USA Today invited me to comment on the story. Sweethearts candy is a transcendent brand. The ultimate “love mark”, as Kevin Roberts might deem it, the candy goes beyond commodity to help people create meaning in their lives. In this case, it helps people express affection in a light-hearted way that forms a memory and a bond.

Everyone has a Sweethearts candy story. Mine? I vividly remember finding one on my desk back in 8th grade. “Be mine”, it implored. Oooohhh…who sent it? The mystery was to be solved that afternoon with a kiss in the cloak room. What’s not to love about that?

What’s your Sweetheart story?