StockTwits Lands Nasdaq Sponsorship

Long time, no blog. I skipped my usual Sponsorship Monday post to tend to a cry for help from an old client. But when I came across the news that Nasdaq is sponsoring a StockTwits, I had to post about it. A day late is better than a dime short, yes?

StockTwit is a Twitter-based platform for investors who are interested in talking about stocks. The seven month-old site only has about 1,000 unique contributors a day, sez But Nasdaq is investing in the potential, not to mention the activity from the group. As founder Howard Lindzon writes on his blog, those users tend to be super active, posting a total of 8,000 daily tweets. And since they’re trading stocks, they’re obviously a group that Nasdaq wants to target.

The exchange is also turning to StockTwits for a new ad campaign. Its branding is being played up on StockTwits and real-time Nasdaq stock quotes will be added to users’ streams (Non StockTwits users on Twitter can also now get Nasdaq stock quotes by direct messaging @datajunkies). This use of a highly targeted Twitter population for delivering branded messages is ground-breaking. And it gives us a peak into Twitter’s potential for a sustainable business model.

The partnership is impressive, considering that the prestigious Nasdaq tie is the first major sponsorship for the seven-month old site. StockTwits raised $800,000 in a first round in May and $800,000 in a seed round in December.