Sponsorship’s Dirty Dozen

Spring always puts me in mind of sweeping things clean. Having trouble attracting corporate sponsors? I know, I know—the economy stinks. But deals are getting done. Spring marks the planning cycle for most brands that sponsor. You can do something today to clean up any of these sponsee bad habits, I call them the Dirty Dozen, that could be costing you dearly:
• Slow replies to queries
• Poor planning that leaves you little time to sell
• Failure to network with decision makers
• Failure to work to collaborate internally
• Lack of outreach
• Lack of ongoing communication with your prospects
• Failure to adopt cutting edge marketing tactics
• Negative attitude
• Fear of failure
• Lack of imagination
• Wasting time with dead beat prospects
• Cold call paralysis

Pick a few to tackle today. And remember, it’s not the grand and glorious gestures that make the most difference. It’s the incremental steps that build a winning sponsorship program.