Sponsorship Posts Move to Wednesday for Summer

For those devoted fans of Sponsorship Monday, first of all we want to thank you. You are a loyal bunch of eager learners.  We love you. This is to let you know that we are adopting a summer schedule. Mo, our editrix is on a lean-mean bike team. As a weekend warrior, she’s often making her way back to town on Mondays after a two days of cycling in the wilds of Wisconsin and thereabouts.

As for me, I’m spending my weekends pounding away on my next book, wishing I were Mo. Summer in the Midwest is brief. Too brief. Alas, it’s time adjust and wring the most out of these fleeting sunny days.

We appreciate your loyalty AND your patience. Let’s see how it goes. Comments are welcome.

Here’s hoping you have a terrific summer.
Patricia Martin

photo thanks to Mr. Chenko