Sponsorship Monday: The New Deal

Interesting piece in Adweek today urging corporate marketers to strengthen their brands by borrowing a page from the great Franklin D. Roosevelt. Author Roberto Ramos makes the business case for crafting a compassion brand, which I wrote about a few months back in AdAge.

The good news for quality causes is that marketers are seriously rethinking their sponsorship portfolios. Look for some adjustments that bring cause-marketing (usually only 10% of the budget) and sports marketing (typically over 60% of the budget) more into balance. So while there will be fewer dollars overall in the marketing budget, there will be more parity in how it gets spent. As Mr. Ramos explains:

“One of the reasons for the New Deal’s lasting legacy was its principled focus on the well-being of individual and communities. A lesson for brands is that they must demonstrate caring during these difficult times, as well as a steadfast commitment to your values. This is also a ripe time to assess your public affairs initiatives and to test cause-marketing programs.”

Sounds like a new deal to me!